Berner displays new mini cereal box Snoop Dogg x Cookies Collaboration

That’s right!! Berner the cannabis king of California announces Snoop Doggs very own cannabis line and shows the newest innovation in cannabis packaging and releases a statement.

Berner announces: “This was the perfect time to introduce the Evolution of our packaging and drop the first mafia mini cereal box with @snoopdogg. In a game that moves a million miles per hour you have to constantly reinvent yourself, we wanted to slowly transition from the branded soft touch bags as it became extremely popular in the industry and switch it up a bit. I thought it would be perfect timing as we start to release new staples like { The Doggy Bagg } … this one was bred by @grandifloragenetics and the batch we are dropping on 420 was grown by @grandifloragenetics as well.

Berner announces further details… “I have so many new flavors coming and it has taken a few years to create and curate new menus, and we couldn’t be more excited to give them to the world. Here is the big question, where in California should we drop this extremely limited 1st batch ????

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of